8 reasons why Suuber is great

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Are you still looking for a cleaner for your private household, but are undecided where to find a suitable and trustworthy solution? At Suuber, we do a few things differently when it comes to finding cleaners. This benefits you and the cleaners! Read our article to find out what the benefits are when you [...]

Cleaner wanted? Find easily your cheap cleaner.

More and more people are toying with the idea of making their lives easier with the help of a cleaning lady. If you are also planning to hire a domestic help, read here why you are absolutely right with this decision and how you can best find a cheap cleaning lady. Cleaning lady wanted - Make your life easier A cleaning lady offers [...]

Find your cleaner with this small steps.

Kitchen cleaning

Hello and welcome to Suuber - the marketplace for private cleaners! Here you have the possibility to find a cleaning lady for your household and to insure her correctly. We take care of the administration for you, so that you can simply and easily enjoy only your clean apartment. You save yourself the paperwork and can [...]

Suuber.ch - How it works


There are many cleaners in the cleaning industry who are not paid fairly. On the one hand, they get a very unfair hourly wage. On the other hand, all the deductions such as VAT and insurance fees, and also the profit for the cleaning companies, mean that there is even less left for the employees. Suuber set itself the goal to give cleaners a suuber and [...]